For D. on the Occasion of her Graduation

For D. on the Occasion of her Graduation

The day was ours
The sun it shone
We were young
I borrowed you

Your baby arms
Your silk white hair
Your pale eyes
I borrowed you

Your skin like cake
Your heart of pink
Your tiny jeans
I borrowed you

Your chubby feet
I saw your soul
Inside your toes
I borrowed you

Your radiance
Soprano laugh
Butterfly mouth
I borrowed you

Evening came
I let you go
You took my heart
Away with you

Now you’ve grown
A woman stands
Reminding us
We borrowed you

Thank you sweet
For all you are
My love is yours
Forever more.


Between the broccoli and the curry

comes the flash and disappearance.

Then the wondering, what’s next?

The screams, like a tsunami’s wail just out of sight.

The pain, better, when it comes,  has bright hard dimensions

like a gutted swimming pool.

All I have to do is climb  this side to that.

It’s not like the waiting, which is forever.


There are stains on the carpet and I can’t remember why.

It’s bothering me now and I don’t know about that either.

The stains are black but less black than other

things. Maybe that’s it.


You say he packed his suitcase and he won’t be back. 

My brother and I  huddle at the table and cry. Not because

he’ll stay away. He won’t.

Because we are supposed to do something but

we don’t know what.


Later I will try to write a poem. Many times and

I won’t because I love you.

But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

The Curse of Helena

When moonless night the wind does blow 

And curls your fist into  its bow.

When arrow sharp my name appears

To  slice through flesh of both your ears.

When Fire’s warmth  on bended knee 

Begs couple your heart’s savage freeze,

And you deny, but shed a tear

In memory of lost love so dear.

When darkness seizes  day for night

Your eyes gouged out to stop the  sight.

When God you beg release this ache

Lays down your body desecrate,

The tomb be not your home for long

Love’s final poison in sweetest song.

You’ll breathe once more at midnight  past 

Wake in horror you know twill last…

With wolfhound wails in years that lie

Forever nightly, love,  hear me die.