Is the Glass Half Full? How your outlook impacts your kids.

An Australian study supports the hypothesis that an optimistic outlook is protective against the development of depression and other disorders in teenagers. An optimist was defined as :

An optimist generally asserts that the good things happening to me will continue to happen in the future and they are of my doing; bad things can happen occasionally by chance but are unlikely to recur.

From Medscape Medical News > Psychiatry
Optimism a Buffer Against Depression in Teens

Parents can play a key role in the development of an optimistic outlook in their kids. Helping kids to develop a positive outlook may actually be beneficial to their psychiatric and medical health. Remember that your children are influenced by:

What you do.
How you do it.
What you say.
How you say it.


Do the right thing even when it’s hard.
Do the hard things with gladness and know that the hard things are temporary.
Say good things often. Say only what is kind, honest, and necessary.
When something painful must be said, say it with kindness.

(And if all else fails…Help someone else).


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