Apples, Apples, Apples-A Review of Liane Moriarty’s Latest Book

Ok, so this book (“Apples Never Fall”, Henry Holt and Co.) did get a little weird in spots. The plot sort of meandered and went on a bit long and I lost the point a few times but still…I just love Moriarty. Even though she’s known for writing these twisty fun mystery stories with all sorts of offbeat characters and secrets and the occasional murder, I think her real strength is in the nuance of family relationships. She just nails long-term marriage, family, children, motherhood, and friendship. And she does it without a sappy, softie sentimentalism. She does it with the F-bomb! Who else can give us a senior citizen protagonist and make us care so deeply? I’ve read a few reviews that criticize this book for an unrealistic plot but I say, who cares? That’s not the point. Read it for its subtle, beautiful depiction of the human condition. It’s remarkable. Her best, in my opinion, so far.

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