The Weight of Water Available for Pre-Order Now

Ok so it’s here. Almost. Available for pre-order at Amazon now! Arrives February 14, 2021. Yeah, sorry. Pre-order not actual order. But worth the wait. Seriously. It’s a book overflowing with all kinds of trashy sex and gnarly car chases and steroid inflated guys with big guns and small….ok not really.

It’s about Louisiana and families and love and tragedy and water. Lots of water. Barely a single bullet. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

Published by W. A. Schwartz

I the mother of two complex young women and a beautiful teenage boy, I'm a doctor, a wife, a writer, a good gardener, a terrible cook, a hopeless romantic, a lazy voter, an impatient driver, a conscientious objector, a good daughter, a reasonable sister, a really bad patient, the worst kind of singer, an excellent sewer and the best damn dreamer you ever met.

2 thoughts on “The Weight of Water Available for Pre-Order Now

  1. I’m not sure if you have the kindle edition but the problems seem to be with the formatting on kindle create. When it’s transferred it doesn’t work.

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