EDEN: A Novel

A new novel by W. A. Schwartz.

EDEN is a story of dark secrets and psychological suspense unfolding over a half-century in the lives of a troubled Louisiana family.

On a hot, muggy afternoon, in Eden, a tiny, rural town deep in southeast Louisiana, Construction workers make a hideous discovery. They unearth the decades-old remains of a girl, strands of hair and clothing still attached to the bones. Meanwhile on the other side of the country, in California, forty-one-year-old Evelyn Yates, a single mother is struggling to maintain psychological equilibrium despite problems with alcohol, a difficult teenage daughter, and her own traumatic past. Evelyn is devastated by a phone call from the Eden coroner informing her officials there suspect the remains may be those of her sister who disappeared over thirty years earlier. Evelyn, who has mentally reduced her childhood to a series of blotchy and painful memories, fled Eden years ago and has no desire to return. Her fragile internal world is suddenly threatened with collapse by this discovery and the pressure to return home to help identify the remains.

The discovery of the body sets in motion a series of events leading inevitably to the uncovering of secrets dating back multiple generations; terrible events that may involve the entire town of Eden. As Evelyn pursues the answers to the mysteries presented she finds her sanity, her life, and the life of her daughter threatened.  Ultimately she must peel back the layers of her own consciousness, face her memories, and delve deeper into painful questions about her sister, her own mother and finally herself.

Eden is a complex novel.  The book explores the devastating nature of secrets as a silent conspiracy between generations and the power of love to overcome.

Eden: A Novel


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    I have a question about your book I believe I should not post in public. Could you send me an email so I can ask away?

    Thank you

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      Hi. Sorry just saw this.
      Please ask.

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